Trouble Downloading?

You may need to wait up to 30 seconds before the download process begins. A strong and undisturbed wi-fi connection is highly recommended. 

If you have reached your download maximum (aka you're always getting an error that you cannot download), please send me a message with your name, order number and the device you are trying to download to and I'll reset your order.

iPhone and iPad Users: You Must Save The PDF

It is always recommended that you save the PDF Book to a desktop or laptop computer first and then transfer it to your favorite mobile device.

If this is not an option, tap the download link from the website confirmation page or from your download email and wait for the entire PDF book to download. It can take up to 30 seconds for the download process to begin.

When you can view it on your iPhone or iPad, give it a tap - you should see an option panel appear above or below with an option to Open in "iBooks" or an icon that reads Copy to iBooks.